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Warren Clark

Warren spent 15 years in Dow manufacturing and operations, including serving as Vice President of Operations for Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals.  His experience in operations included pehnol, Saran, Polyacrylamide, Vinyl Chloride, Chlor-alkali, Acrylamide, ABS/SAN, and Polycarbonates.

Warren subsequently had 15 years of experience in a series of business/commercial roles in Dow, including Vice President of Urethanes, Dow Hanna members committee, and President and General Manager of a subsidiary of Dow.  Warren was Global Director of Technology Licensing for Dow Chemical.  Warren has proven experience in licensing, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures for Dow.  He was a member of the Dow acquisition leadership team for the $11 Billion acquisition of Union Carbide and subsequently leader of the integration of Dow and Union Carbide.

As Clark Enterprises, Warren served on the Board of Directors of Genomatica for seven years and has consulted for Genomatica, Materia, Solutia, Graphea, Vertishear, and Verdezyne.  He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Liquid Light, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Submersible Pumps, and consults for TPG.  Warren holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Kansas State University, and Masters in Business Administration from Central Michigan University and in Executive Management from Wharton Graduate School.

Thom Huot

Thomas joined VantagePoint in 2004 focusing on biopharmaceutical and medical device investments. He currently has a primary emphasis in the areas of biofuels and biomaterials. Prior to VantagePoint, he was an Analyst with CDP Capital Technology Ventures, where he developed new fields of investment in the areas of diabetes and metabolic diseases. Earlier in his career, Thomas served as Project Manager for Genopole®, a business incubator specializing in the development of biology on a large scale and the creation of biotechnology companies responsible for conducting technical and economic feasibility studies. Thomas graduated from the University of London. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from University College London and a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from University Paris XI, Orsay.

Wal van Lierop

Dr. Wal van Lierop is Co-Founder, President and CEO of Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital.  He initiated the Chrysalix Global Network, is co-founder of Chrysalix SET in Europe and is actively leading the expansion of Chrysalix into Asia.  Between Chrysalix EVC and its portfolio companies, Wal has been directly responsible for raising more than $1 billion for early state technology ventures.  In addition to his activities at Chrysalix, Wal is the founder and a Director of New Ventures BC, is a founding member of the Alliance of Cleantech CEOs of British Columbia, and is an advisor on energy and cleantech to various Canadian politicians.  Prior to founding Chrysalix, he spent six years as an executive and VP of Strategic Planning at the Canadian energy company Westcoast Energy, seven years with McKinsey & Company, and ten years as an Assistant and Associate Professor at the Vrije University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands.  Wal holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Vrije University of Amersterdam in Economics.

Akira Kirton

Akira Kirton represents BP Ventures where he is a Ventures Principal.  BP Ventures makes strategic investments in companies with distinctive technology that aligns with BP's focus in oil, gas, refining, chemicals, and alternative energy.  Akira focuses on investments in the carbon and gas value chain areas.  Akira's previous professional experience includes a variety of technology and business development roles across refining, chemicals, marketing, and alternative energy in BP, including setting up one of BP's first successful spin-outs.  Akira holds a M.Chem. Eng. from Imperial College London and a B.Sc. in Law with Management from the University of London International Programme.

Marc Singer

Marc Singer is a Board Observer.  He is a Managing Partner at Osage University Partners, which he helped to develop and launch in 2008.  He is en eighteen year venteran of the venture capital industry.  Marc was previously a General Partner of BEV Capital, where he helped to raise an invest over $200 million in over 40 companies.  Prior to co-founding BEV in 1997, he worked at Consumer Ventures Partners, which he joined in 1993.  Marc earned his B.S. from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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