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10 Facts About Shungite

Shungite is an ancient type of stone. It's been around for 2 billion years already. It's a sporadic type of stone; therefore, it's hard to find. However, the reason why people are looking for them is because of their healing properties. The Shungite is also known to be a miraculous stone, and everyone who wants to feel better from their condition seeks for this stone. This stone can provide many health benefits from whoever possesses it, and it's ideal for those who are suffering from diseases that cannot be healed by modern medicine.

Brief History of Shungite

Shungite is a type of stone that has a strong connection to Earth, and it's also known as grounded. This stone looks similar to coal because of it's deep black color. It's mined from Russia and become very famous in the West during the modern times. The reason it's become well known is because of its curative and healing properties. It's often called the "Stone of Life" because of these characteristics. Shungite is very admirable because it can protect from the harmful electromagnetic radiation from everyday electronics that you use, such as microwaves, smartphones, and more.

10 Myths and Facts About Shungite

  1. Fullerenes in Shungite

Fullerenes are very small and only measure 1nm. It can get absorbed by your body without damaging any cell membranes. It's three times smaller than DNA, and it can provide the healing powers of Shungite without any issues. Fullerenes can influence the neurotransmitter, which makes you resist stress better.

  1. Dabbing Skin With Shugite Water With Psoriasis

People who are suffering from psoriasis can get benefits from Shungite water. It can hinder the development of this condition and make it less noticeable. It will also help with preventing this disease from developing and providing relief from someone who suffers from this condition.

  1. Helps with Digestion

Some people don't have proper digestion, which can lead to a more severe condition at a late time. By drinking Shungite water, it will aid with the digestion faster compared to other remedies available. It's been proven that Shungite water can make your metabolism better since it can also cleanse and purifies your water source, making it safe to drink.

  1. Good Treatment for Pimples

Shungite water can be used to wash your face to improve its elasticity, as well as your complexion. It's also suitable for those who are suffering from pimples. Just wash your face with the Shungite water every morning and only allow it to dry on your face. Do it for a couple of days and see that the pimples will already be dried out and improve your facial skin.

  1. It Gets Rid of Toxins and Poison

Some food and drinks that people consume may include some toxic substances. It's best to have Shungite water to flush out these poisonous and toxic substances that you may not be aware of having. It's also ideal for alcohol abuse since there will be alcohol residue that can cause harm to the body. It can absorb and clean the strong alcoholic content from raw spirits oil to ensure that it will be flushed out from your system.

  1. Aids with Fertility

From the past researches that have been conducted from Russia, they provide Shugite water to silver foxes. It increased their fertility rate for five times. It also makes their coats and fur to be shinier. Shungite water is also ideal for pets like cats or dogs to make their coat and fur better. It's also suitable for animal breeders so the animals can produce more offsprings than usual.

  1. Good for the Hair

Shungite water can also help when it comes to human hair. It can make the hair to be healthier to control hair fall. For those who regularly use hair dye, it's best to rinse your hair with Shungite water. It can make your hair follicles healthier so you will not end up bald later in life. Plus, it can give you shiny hair without using chemicals on your hair.

  1. Decreases Death Rate

Another test has been made in Estonia, where they provide Shingite water for their cows. It increases the cow's milk fat and decreases the death rate of the calves. It's useful for young animals, and most of them were born healthier compared to their usual practice. Although there's no research has been made for humans, it's possible that it also be effective.

  1. It Also Works with Plants

Shungite crumbs were added to the soil of some young oak trees in Estonia. In this test, they added 300-400 grams of Shungite crumbs to the ground to see what will happen. The oak trees with Shugite crumbs added ti soil burst into leaf as early as two weeks compared to the oak trees without the Shungite crumbs. Therefore it's also effective for plants since Shungite is a form of mineral that comes from the Earth.

  1. Helps Reduce EMF

Using Shungite can reduce EMF that comes from electronics such as microwave oven, smartphones, and other electronic devices. It normally uses as a jewelry so that the wearer will not absorb EMF that can be harmful to your health. Or you can also have several Shungite stones around the house so that your family members will also stay healthy all the time.


Shungite has many health benefits for plants, animals, and humans. There are many forms where you can use Shungite to protect yourself and your family. One of the best ways is the Shungite water, where you can have it inside the water filter so everyone can benefit from it. You can also wear it as jewelry since it's also available in that form.

Although this is a rare stone and cannot be found easily, don't worry. You can buy authentic Shungite direct from the mine in our you don't have to mine it yourself. All you have to do is to contact us directly, and we will assist you in getting your very own Shungite stone and start your healing process.


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