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Alternative To Basecamp – Why To Look For One??

Alternative To Basecamp

Though this software is quite popular with project managers ( although some argue that it's not even meant to be a full-blooded project management tool ), there are also plenty of instances where it falls short. Looking for an alternative to Basecamp to switch to might be a reasonable course of action if you feel that Basecamp's cons start to outweigh the pros. Let's take a look at some the most common complaints regarding Basecamp.

This is why many are looking for an alternative to Basecamp

· Time tracking (or the lack of it)

As most projects run on a tight schedule, you might expect your project management software to offer you a time tracking feature which will help you monitor your progress. For whatever reason, this feature is lacking in Basecamp. To track time, many users have to use a separate app, or just switch to a completely different software.

· Not as beginner friendly as one would like

Though it's true that once you get the hang of it, Basecamp might feel like second nature to you. But the "getting the hang of it" part takes quite a bit of time (despite its marketing as a simple to use tool) and there are comparable project management tools out there that we find are simply much easier to grasp from the start.

· Annoying notifications

Mistakenly sending a notification that was meant for just a few people to you whole team? Happens quite a lot with Basecamp. Add to that a constant stream of automatically-sent emails notifying you of all the freshest updates and you can soon find yourselves overwhelmed with spammy messages. Being conscious about sending new notifications and training your team to do the same is a must in this case.

· The price can be an upside… or a downside

Since Basecamp charges a fixed monthly fee no matter the actual number of users in your team, it is often a software of choice for the larger teams and companies. If you're a start-up with just a few people, however, this upside might very well turn out to be a downside for you from a financial standpoint.

· Tags and labels

For some reason, a feature as simple as putting a label to a particular task to categorise it or highlight its importance is sadly missing in Basecamp. Though not the end of the world, it is a convenience that other comparable project management tools offer without saying.

· Little integration with other similar platforms

Wish to for example overlay your personal calendar from your Outlook with the Basecamp one? Tough luck – there is little interaction and integraton between Basecamp and other similar platforms. To be fair though, it can be integrated with a multitude of smaller add-ons that enhance its capabilities.

· Not a huge arsenal of tools, it seems

Yes, there is your Quick Search, Campfire, Ping and others, but nevertheless, the palette of advanced features and analytical tools is still quite limited with Basecamp. If you're in need of some really advanced capabilities, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

To sum it all up

We don't mean to be overly critical of Basecamp. After all, for the majority of projects, this software is more than sufficient and there is a lot to be praised here, be it the built-in communication features, file sharing, easy organisation, project templates and more. Still, depending on the nature of your project, you might find more success with a different software – until Basecamp fixes the aforementioned cons. Perhaps it can do so easier in the future now that it has removed politics from it premises…

Are you a Basecamp user? What do you consider to be its strengths and weaknesses? Comment below!


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