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C60 Fullerene: Learn More About its Cosmetic and Medical Use!

What does the C60 Fullerene have in common with blueberries and olive oil? Discover the answer and find out excellent properties of this nanoparticle for which is widely used in the medical environment!

C60 Fullerene Helping With Cancer and HIV Treatment Research

Since its discovery in 1985, the C60 has found application in many fields. Lately we could notice an increasing interest in using fullerenes not only in nanotechnology or electronics but also in cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry and medicine.

The reason why fullerenes are so attractive for these manufacturing and scientific areas is the unique structure of their molecules and benefits it represents! For scientists it is especially fascinating their antiviral and antioxidant activity, as well as capacity to operate as drug carriers. Imagine all the alternative treatment possibilities if we would develop a drug delivery system in which a therapeutic substance is inserted into the C60 and circulates then throughout the body!

Although their impact on our health is still the subject of experiments and discussion, they play a key role on today as part of research into diseases such as

Fullerene as a World's Most Efficient Antioxidant

The way the atoms are bonded with each other allows them to react with free radicals in the environment! Vitamin C as well as so-called superfoods (Goji, nuts, green tea etc.) are well-known to be strong antioxidants , but it might surprise you that Fullerene C60 has much greater, absolutely premium antioxidant properties! Not only can they efficiently scavenge the radicals, they can localize the cell with their production where in disease states, too.

Future View: Part of Anti-Aging Cosmetic and Supplements

Because of studies and animal tests it has been proven that Fullerene C60 can slow down cell death and reduce oxidative stress causing the aging. Also, the absorption of C60 by the volunteers is very promising as they find quite significant improvement in their well-being and younger look alike.

Pure Carbon 60 in Olive Oil Available Already Now

Obviously, the anti-aging abilities of fullerenes still need to be analyzed and confirmed in the context of long-term usage. However, yet it is possible to purchase products containing ultra pure 99,95% fullerene in high quality olive, coconut or avocado oil as a cosmetic product or supplement. The mix may help fight acne and inflammation, support nerve cell health and combat oxidative stress. What might interest you be that some producers ask the users for feedback to help with research and innovation in the subject.

Believed Health Benefits

Claimed benefits frequently include

  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Memory improvement
  • More energy and endurance
  • Faster muscle recovery after the physical activity
  • Increase of muscle endurance
  • Allergies reduction
  • Better sleeping time

Nowadays it can be said with certainty that fullerene blocks the development of viruses and fights inflammation! Some doctors state it improves chronic inflammatory diseases such as Crohn's disease. Its potential seems to be literally infinite!

Is Fullerene the Key to Longevity?

Before the pro-health potential of Fullerene will be definitively validated, the scientists have to overcome some doubts, e.x. the effect of its systematic integration on the DNA structure. The perspective of widely available and incredibly powerful health supplements promising healthier, longer life is worth the wait, anyway!

Would you take part as a volunteer testing medical and cosmetic C60 products knowing they might be a cure for serious health problems?


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