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Leveling up in Dota Battle Pass

A new Dota 2 Battle Pass offered by Valve has become a market sensation. Why? Players could not stay aside a plethora of new products, bonuses, features and quests in the new Battle Pass. How to gain new levels and unlock new content? Here are several answers to this question.

The most content a battle pass ever had

The new Battle aims to become the special Arcana adjusted to one hero. The Arcana is a special skin that features particle effects, animations, icons, sounds and new lore. Also, it includes two new Personas (Anti-Mage and Pudge) which happen to be an alternative version of the hero.

Use your battle pass

With the Battle Pass in your hands, you need to open your level progress bar involving all the rewards at each level. You can claim the rewards and bonuses once you’ve reached the corresponding level. The level bar is marked with endless options, although the last interesting reward comes at level 2,000.

How to level up and unblock rewards

At, there is a whole bunch of options to choose from. You can just purchase levels with real cash. Or you can hit the top by taking challenges, passing quests, and joining guilds.

  • The Cavern Crawl: The first place to go should be the Cavern Crawl. There is a path for utility heroes, for carries and for supports. You reach one of them by fulfilling particular quests on specific heroes, winning the game, and earning level points this way. As soon as you reach the end, there are three skins to be unlocked. Whether you choose a Cavern quest for a game or play something else, you can always bet and place tokens at the beginning of a gaming session. If you win, you get extra level points.
  • General quests: While the Cavern Crawl has to deal with the heroes, the processes are quite general and easier to complete. Thus, you can give a high five to players, collect trivia points in the quiz, communicate other players and so on.
  • The Sideshop: When you earn gold in level promotions, you can use it in the Sideshop. While playing a mini-version of Dota Underlords, you can choose Dota heroes, sell them, and redeem bonuses.
  • Join a Guild: You can join or create your own guilds with your teammates. On top of that, there is special Guild search and contracts you can gain for more points.

New world record in esports?

Whether you are a Dota enthusiast or not, you should pay special attention to the Battle Pass. Usually, 25% of all the profit made from the Battle Pass goes towards the TI reward pool. If the trend keeps increasing, the Dota community will reach the milestone of $40 million.


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