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Slots and Their Distinctive Features

The assortment of many online casinos features thousands of different slot machines. Among which, there are unique slots. And there are simple copies that differ from each other only in visual design.


But it is worth noting that good casinos are just the same distinguished by a set of unique games. Of course, there are certain common features that are present in most slot machines, which you should learn to succeed in betting at, which is a great place for beginners and experienced bettors.

What Slots Are Popular in Romania?


There are many criteria for classifying slot machines. But first of all, it is customary to divide slots into classic slot machines and video slots. Classic slots, as a rule, consist of three reels and have no more than five paylines. In some slot machines, in addition to the basic symbols, “wild” ones can also be found. Such symbols can serve as a substitute for other symbols in drawing up a winning line. Among the classic slots there are games with jackpots. Bonus games in traditional slot machines are mostly absent.

With the development of Internet technologies, video slots are becoming more and more popular in Romania. In fact, it is a game machine emulator. The entire process of the game takes place on a monitor or smartphone. Video slots are usually more functional in comparison with their classic counterparts. To obtain a winning combination in a traditional slot machine, it is necessary that three identical symbols appear on the same line, sometimes in the video slot two symbols on the same line are enough to form a winning line.

Classic vs Video Slots: What Is Better?


Of course, classic slot machines are a bit of a thing of the past. Due to its excellent graphics, wider functionality, the presence of bonus games, video slots crowd out their predecessors. The gambling industry is constantly evolving. Virtual casino app developers are realizing new ideas and releasing more and more diverse slots to the world. The hearts of non-trivial slot machines can be found such:

·       Amusement with Prizes. These are classic slots with just one active line. But the player can get a bonus game with many different prizes. But, as a rule, the amount of winnings in the prize round does not greatly exceed this indicator in the main game.

·       Interactive slot machines. At the heart of such slot machines are video slots. But with the difference that success in the prize rounds here does not depend on luck, but on the player himself. The player controls the process. In such slots, the bonus round can take the form of several small games that a player needs to complete.

·       Special. These slots include non-trivial slot machines. These are emulators with unusual playing fields. For example, with an increasing number of symbols on the reels from two to seven or Tetris-style slot machines. When winning combinations disappear, and new ones move in their place.

It is worth noting that the above types of slot machines are quite rare. Their number so far does not exceed several tens. But the number of such games is growing regularly. And the range of slot machines is periodically replenished with new original slots.


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