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Things You Should Keep in Mind If Want to Be a Cybersports Athlete

Are you dreaming of the professional cybersports and the future of an experienced better? Be prepared for the long way to pass but if you do your best, you'll be able to not only bet at but also to take part in large tournaments. Of course, do not go past league-based tournaments (such as StarLadder or ESL), as a rule, such leagues consist of divisions. First, you will have to play in the weakest one but if you do your best and gain experience then in the very near future you will definitely rise to the highest division, and become the part of the big cybersport!

How Are Tournaments Ranked?

The world ranking is based on the achievements of the teams for the season from one The International to another. The tournaments are ranked by importance. For each category of events teams receive a different number of points. There are six such categories:

  • The International;
  • Major;
  • Minor;
  • Tournaments with a prize fund of $ 100-150 thousand, which do not fall under the status of minors and majors;
  • Tournaments with a prize fund of $ 50-100 thousand;
  • Tournaments with a prize fund of up to $ 50 thousand, as well as qualifications for The International, Major and Minor.

At the end of each month, all teams lose points in an equal percentage. This helps to reduce the value of past tournaments and reduce the positions of teams that do not participate in competitions.

Pieces of Advice for E-Sports Athletes

If you consider yourself an experienced player of Dota and even have a team, sure, that the next step you need to take is to think of something bigger. The career of the cyber sposrtman sounds really great.

  • You will definitely need to constantly looking for the tournaments on the network and register there.
  • One more variant is to find a person who will help you in the search of events. Usually, such people are called managers but to be honest, this can be done by absolutely any member of the team who is really interested in the great e-sports future.
  • After you have made significant achievements in all sorts of tournaments, most likely, they will contact you from any organization and offer cooperation. If this does not happen, then you yourself need to contact an organization and ask for its support.

Congratulations, you made your way to eSports! Check the tournaments and with time you will be able to get into some large organization, such as, Na`Vi or any other of the known ones, which means to officially get into the strongest circle of players and to gain a foothold there. Hope, the main points on the way to great e-sports are clear. Then fewer words and more work! Check most popular e-sports and remember – your success depends only on you! Good luck!


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