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Tickle Your Nerves with Horror Books

If you want to tickle your nerves, dive into a book, you will not find a better genre than horror. It is impossible to stretch these books, so it is better to set aside for reading the whole free evening, smoothly flowing into the night. You will not have time to look back, as you read the last page and experience fear. Is horror your favorite genre? Check the library of the best horror books You'll definitely find the one that will become your favorite.

A List of the Popular Horror Books You Should Check

Have a look at the interesting books in the genre of horror:

  1. Joe Hill «The Heart-Shaped Box». It is an interesting horror film about the adventures that await the famous rock musician who made an innocent order on the Internet. Despite the fact that there is a lot of blood and fear in the book, there was a place for true love in it.
  2. Rick Yancy “The Disciple of the Monstrologue”. Everything starts with a half-eaten corpse of a young girl, frozen in the arms of a monster. Already scary? And we didn’t even really begin to talk about the book “The Disciple of the Monstrologue” by Rick Yancy. The book will have a lot more blood, guts, and severed limbs. But there will be interesting information about different subspecies of anthropophage monsters. And the most interesting thing: it turns out that those who hunt these monsters will be even more terrible.
  3. Michelle Feiber “Stay in my shoes”. After the novel “Stay in my shoes” Michelle Feiber, men are afraid to drive on the roads of Scotland. Men after meeting the main character disappear without a trace ... Who is Isserly, where did she fall to the ground and whom does she serve? Based on the book, the chilling story with Scarlett Johanson in the lead role was filmed.
  4. The book and the film “Before I fall asleep” appeared in October 2014. In the film version of the novel by S.J. Watson, Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth starred in the lead roles. The doctor Watson reliably described the heroine’s memory loss but where did he gain the ability to strike terror with words? Staying calm while reading this book is simply impossible.
  5. Shirley Jackson “The Ghost of the House of the Hill”. There are people in the world who want to double-check everything. They told Dr. Montague that it was not worth visiting the house on the hill, that he brings the guests only grief. But the researcher of paranormal phenomena, with his characteristic courage, decided to check, and even called the whole company with innocent people. Who will be chosen by Hill House as the next victim? "The Ghost of the House on the Hill" Shirley Jackson - a sample of the classic Gothic horror.

You won't regret if reading one of the books listed above! Choose the best horror book and plunge into a fearful journey.


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