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TOP 10 Alanya excursions for one day

Alanya region is a pretty diverse region and if you are afraid to be bored by all day long sunbathing, we have a simple solution for you–join one of Alanya excursions , or all of them, if you like.

About Alanya

Alanya is a large region in the Turkish Riviera. There are lots of reasons people from around the world love it so much. Beautiful nature, Mediterranean coast beaches, sunny weather, historical monuments, and last but not least culture and nightlife are often seeking things Alanya can offer.

1. Boat trips

Take a trip by boat. Looking at the coast from a different point of view – from the sea will open your eyes widely. You can see the enchanting scenery, a castle, caves and much more. Jump into the open sea and enjoy a lunch and party on the board.

2. Beaches

Alanya´s two main sand beaches are situated in the Old Town–the Kleopatra and the Keykuban Beach. If you are a fan of promenades with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops (who isn’t) you should take a walk by the coastline of the Old City.

3. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

The Mediterranean Sea is full of colors, unique flora, and fauna. Try exploring underwater. You can see lots of magic when snorkeling, but if you are really interested in what real underwater life looks like, Scuba Diving might be a thing for you.

4. Canyons

Sapadere Canyon is about an hour-long ride away. It offers a raw nature and icy cold water, and first–The Best waterfall in Alanya. Dip your toe or jump into natural pools where water stays below 10 Celsius.

Green Canyon, about 70 km from Alanya, is a lake with crystal clear green water. If you are looking for a lazy cruise into the Taurus Mountains nature, Green Canyon is your place to spend the day.

5. Jeep Safari

Are you looking for some adventure? This off-road ride in the mountains will pump your blood right to your veins. If you are looking for a super adrenalin experience, try Jeep Safari at night.

6. Paragliding

Watching the city from above is an experience you will never forget, that’s for sure. Be free like a bird. Open your eyes and enjoy the magical view, while your licensed instructor takes you from the mountains to the beach.

7. Turkish Bath

Hammam is as old as the history itself. The ultimate relaxation Turkey can offer will help you forget all of your problems instantly. Starting with the sauna, through the menthol-scent hot steam, Jacuzzi, and in the end–Hammam - hot steam where you get a full-body scrub and amazing massage.

8. Dolphin Park

If you are a fan of animal performances, you are gonna LOVE Alanya´s Dolphin Show! Professional trainers and dolphins, sea lions, and seals will make your day special. After that, you may swim with dolphins and sharks!

9. Alanya City sightseeing

Alanya as the unofficial capital city of the Turkish Riviera is one of the most beautiful cities on the Turkish coastline. The amazing views from Alanya Castle, cute hidden gems in the old city, dipping toes in the river together with late afternoon shopping on the Friday bazaar and so much more are waiting for you.

10. Ancient history

Do you love ancient history and everything about it? You can find a lot of ancient monuments in Alanya and its surrounding, try visiting Perge, Aspendos, Kursunlu, Myra, or Pamphylia.

As you can see, the Turkish Riviera is not all about sunbathing on the beautiful beaches of Alanya. If you are looking for a place to combine relaxing, adventure, and sightseeing, go visit Alanya this year!


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